Transfermarkt Community

Rumour Mill

...the Rumour Mill:

The Rumour Mill is another essential pillar. All transfer speculations about the English clubs and their players get collected and are discussed and evaluated in the Rumour Mill. Every single step from the very first rumour till transfer announcement or denial are accompanied.


...the market value analysis:

The market values are often subject for discussion and everybody can get involved. The values of the players are discussed in the market value analysis forum in each Transfermarkt area. The well-argued posts will get collected and evaluated. They are the basis for the new updated market values.


...the database:

Our own very important pillar which is closely linked to the community. Every single registered user can improve the data base. The data scouts who are essential for Transfermarkt also come from the community.

Forum overview

User legend

User: Registered users can talk football in more than 500 Transfermarkt forums. Additionally, a free account allows you to propose corrections for players, managers, stadiums, and match sheets.

Friends: The forum of the Friends is the only forum which doesn't focus on football. Access is limited. Everybody who wants to join can contact the user called "Fan".The admission fee of EUR 10 be used to support charity.

Expert: The "Expert" status allows users to evaluate how likely rumours are true, and to grade players after a match. These grades affect our stats and the Transfermarkt manager game.

Data scout: The data scouts, together with the great help of all users, take care of keeping the data, information and statistics up to date as far as possible. A data scout has normally an area of activity such as a certain league or competition.

Moderator: The moderators manage and moderate the Transfermarkt forum. They also decide how to act in case of violations of the terms or the rules of Transfermarkt.

Superadmin: The Superadmins are the permanent employees of the Transfermarkt GmbH & Co. KG. The employees work in different sections of the company.